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About MRJAYBO Trading Cards

MRJAYBO Trading Cards are not only great for kids & collectors, they are for EVERYONE!  Every card in the MRJAYBO Trading Card Collection has value beyond what you hold in your hand.  Each card is REDEEMABLE for MRJAYBO Crypto Tokens and Cash Savings.  


The MRJAYBO Metazine is our online directory of brands, vendors, partners, businesses and advertisers. 

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Where to buy MRJAYBO Trading Cards


Great for Merchants too...

MRJAYBO Trading Cards are great for merchants and entrepreneurs that want to offer discounts to their customers AND earn redeemable MRJAYBO SAVAPAY Credits.  If you have a restaurant, boutique, salon, studio, nightlife venue, real estate firm, barber shop, nonprofit, or ANY Business that serves the community, MRJAYBO Trading Cards are a great addition to your product or service offerings.  For more information or to order more cards, hit the link below.  

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